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DISCOVER A WHOLE NEW YOU Without Surgery or Injections at Cristal CliniQ, Vancouver's Cosmetic Specialists

Imagine losing weight, rejuvenating your skin, or erasing cellulite, stretch marks and scars—without taking drastic measures. All of this and more are possible at Cristal CliniQ, Vancouver’s cosmetic specialists.

Imagine you can discover a whole new you without surgery, needles, incisions and downtime. In most cases, you can carry on with your day right after treatment!

Our Cristal CliniQ menu of cosmetic services includes:

Non-Invasive Treatment Achieves Weight Reduction in Stubborn Areas

Diet and exercise may not always result in weight loss in stubborn areas such as under the chin, love handles, upper arms or thighs. At Cristal CliniQ, we can reduce fat and tighten specific areas to reshape and contour any area of your body with innovative radio frequency technology.

If overall weight loss is a goal for you, Cristal CliniQ offers optional personal weight loss counseling. And there are no mandatory meal plans or food products to purchase.

Perfecting the Skin You're In with Skin Rejuvenation

Our services also include treatment of acne, acne scars, acne-type rosacea, and even skin pore reduction. We can give you a more youthful appearance by tightening and firming your skin with non-surgical, non-invasive therapies. If cellulite is a problem, our painless treatments will minimize it, if not make it disappear!

Come and discover your gorgeous potential at Cristal CliniQ, Vancouver’s cosmetic specialists. For your private, complimentary consultation, contact Cristal CliniQ today to feel more beautiful tomorrow.

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